miércoles, 26 de noviembre de 2008

A confession of a teacher looking for a bathing suit

“ El destino del artista es vivir una
vida imperfecta: el triunfo, como un episodio;
el fracaso, como verdadero y supremo fin ”

Juan Carlos Onetti

Surrounded by noisy fans 1, sticky windows, sultry breezes and a mall 2 the summer has come one more time knocking at our front doors without even a piece of gentle warning. Now we know how being in hell feels like. Inside: teachers sweating such pigs at the edge of the oven. Should I say at the edge of the classroom’s doors? perhaps at the window’s? Maybe is the sun that makes me hear things, but I swear it’s true. I’ve heard voices in the corridor saying “ man next week I’ll put my bathing suit on ” 3. What? a teacher? Yes, of course, a teacher. Don’t forget we’re humans too, aren’t we? Well, I just don’t know. Because when I’m inside a classroom I forget everything. I don’t know who I am. Nor what I’m doing. Neither where I go. The only thing I’m sure about is that I’m a simple student pretending to be a teacher. I’m mainly a student. So, there’s no sun hot enough to make me stop the class, to make me wip my forehead. Since not even the cruelest summer could compare to the energy coming from the students. And I thought I was sweating for the season for God’s sake. These guys make me feel out of this world. I know they tear myself and once they’re gone I can’t be the same anymore. Takes time to recover after a class. However, what a pleasure to fade away through them. I might not exist physically, but in their minds is where I long to be, there my existence would last just forever. Don’t think I’m arrogant or egotistical. No way! I don’t want to be remembered as a good teacher by them, I don’t know what a good teacher means anyway. I don’t want to be loved by them. In fact if by the end of the month they hate me as no one before, it will have been worth, as long as they will have learned, at least, part of the lesson. It would fill me up with such a joy. You might be wondering English lesson right ? Grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary an all that jazz right? I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I’m talking about the lesson. And for me that is no more than how to love, how to forgive and how to be human. Thinking about tomorrow as a new opportunity to do things much better than yesterday. In the movie “ Pacotille ” by Eric Jameux “ Thierry gives a little necklace heart to Karine and points out the inscriptions: “More Than Yesterday” on one side, “ Less Than Tomorrow ” on the other. Katherine doesn’t understand. Thierry explains that each day he loves her more .
“ But you said less ” she retorts.
Thierry tries again, but to no avail.
“ I want someone who loves me the same every day,” Karine declares and walks out of him ”

1 The author is , mainly , thinking about the device. But dear reader you can use the other meaning if you want which is fan as a fanatic
2 Please tell Mr. Wong to program his shows on sundays
3 I can not give away the identity of the teacher. It would mean a direct violence to the code of honour of the Language Center
4 The New York Times, Wednesday, June 14, 2006.

Posdata: Parte de la película "Dead Poets Society" de Peter Weir. La genial interpretación de Robin Williams, como Mr. Keating, el emblemático profesor de "literatura" inglesa. Creo que así como Friedrich Nietzsche buscaba al superhombre, de igual modo todo alumno desea encontrar, en el fondo, a Mr. Keating. Ambos, aún sin éxito, continúan navegando contracorriente.

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Rosa dijo...

rehello teacher!! yeah... it's me again xD but i like your blog what can i do? xD
and why english? because... i don't know xD!
well really funny the part of the bathing suit jojojo!
and teacher eventhough u say that is not true u're the best teacher around the world! and the best teacher i've ever met! =]!
so i just want to say thank you for everything!! ^^
well it's too late
i have to sleep xD!
bye teacher!!
take care! =]!

Anónimo dijo...

Ok if u wrote in english my comment has to be in english too. Well, i have to say that i'm so glad to know that there's a teacher looking for a bathing suit ajjajajja. Anyway, maybe u don't think u r a great teacher, but believe me U R. I know that many students really love u and i'm in that group. How it happened? well i really don't know it just happened and, well i hope u teach us soon so soon. Take care and smile i think that's ur secret ur smile like the4 Monalisa jajaja. KATIA.

Rosa dijo...

teacheeeeeeeer!!! waaaa!! xq se fueeeeee!! la vida no es justa!! vivire con un trauma x el resto de mi vida!!!... en fin.. nos cerraron el ciclo! SH**!! waaaa!! solo espero q nos enseñe ahora en enero xq sino hago güelgueishon con katia!! no se q tienen en contra nuestra! TT.TT!! bueno teacher solo espero q le vaya bien en todo... para el proximo año usted tiene q ser el director! yo votare x usted juju! mucha suerte en su universidad y en todo... siga escribiendo en su blog q es muy chevre leerlo juju! espero verlo en enero en avanzado 3 de 4 a 6 xD! bye cuidese muchooo!!!!! =]! y xfavor vuelvaaaaa!!!

Christopher dijo...

... gracias por tus augurios Rosa, esperemos todo resulte. Saludos y cuidate mucho también ...

Anónimo dijo...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! La vida no es justa eso ya lo entendi. Despues d star sperando meses para q ud sea nuestro teacher y mire tooo lo q pasa( snif!)sabe, spero d tooo corazón q para enero ud nos enseñe sera mi deseo d fin d año jaja! Spero q sto no le afecte mucho i mean en su economia aaaaa perdon le juro q no nadie lo planeo fue tooo derepente y tan triste ( snif!)en fin creo q no hay necesidad q lo diga pero igual lo hago LO EXTRAÑAMOOOOOOOOOS y en verdad LO APRECIAMOS! asi q ya sabe ud sta ya separado pa' enero y q nadie diga lo contrario. He dicho. Ah x cierto io apoyaria su candidatura para director, si señor asi q ya sabe ya tine 2 votos seguros el d rosa y el mio no seran muchos pero son seguros!!Bueno ahora si me kito, nuchisima suerte y los mejores deseos pa'ud. Y lo spero en enero esta ves sin faltaaa. Chauuuuuuuu =) KATIA.

Christopher dijo...

... gracias a ti también Katia. Ojalá todo sea sólo cuestión de tiempo. Que te vaya bien! ...

Erika dijo...

After reading your post...you made me think friend...yeah! I wanna put on my bathin' suit and go to the LC tomorrow like that!!...buttt..yep...we cannot let the "principals" down jijiji never mind....life is life and work is work...

I certainly agree with you when you say that teachers really change how they normally are when they inmediately enter the classroom...it's amazing, sometimes unbelievable! But yes! It's another world...a brilliant world where the atmosphere is changed in good harmony...you forget everything...being inside, you leave all what you dislike, what you don't want to remember outside... to be just YOU...your essence...and more; and the feeling, which is the one at the right moment your great students are learning, is the most unforgettable moment you'll never want to let go... As simple as it sounds...it's a valuable moment.

This is the human-being side every teacher has...doesn't we???

Some saying for you:

"Every dog has its day" jiji some day... or "A change is as good as a rest".

True words...

Christopher dijo...

... teaching is just a part of my life. It's the missing aspect I needed to find. The empty space is now filled, but the search isn't over yet ...