lunes, 28 de junio de 2010


El filósofo tiene que dar cuenta de lo que resulta extraño a los ojos de los demás, debido a la notoriedad o particularidad de un hecho, pero evidente ante los suyos.

domingo, 13 de junio de 2010

A kiss without lips

Every person he saw passing by left a twinge in his heart. Nobody looked like her, but he seemed to react to every single girl.

The airplane landed at twenty past twelve. But an hour later she hasn’t appeared yet.

Time is heartless sometimes. They only had two hours, maybe five more minutes.

Finally she showed up. Light clothes, skin of melon, flying feet.

It was twenty past one and a lot of things to do, but her plane was leaving at four or so.

They had no choice, the necessity to find seats or anything similar was imperious.

It was warm at the beginning, but outside the airport the carving wind peeled him off and he was reduced to mere bones.


He gazed at her like the first time, but she thought love was unreal and that was her shell against any intruder. He needed her voice, though.

Perhaps she as well.

It’s said that once a person walks into someone’s life, then it’s impossible to forget him or her.

However, he knew, under the present circumstances, she was beyond all the girls from his past. He’s been waiting all this time to always meet her again, to be pushed towards her by the natural force of any previous relationship in his life.

He tried to kiss her. That was his first mistake.

Pineapple and orange juice, sweet and bitter, light and darkness, white and black, the sun and the moon.


Time had come to the end.

He walked her to the check-in.

They climbed the stairs, probably to make the departure slower.

“I’d like to see you again” – she retorted.

He let her hug him.

He didn’t try to kiss her again. That was his second mistake.

Eye to eye
de Fates Warning